Mid-August Garden Highlights 2020

19 Sep

2 Responses to “Mid-August Garden Highlights 2020”


  1. Meeting Notes: End of Season | Concord Village EarthLab - November 12, 2020

    […] We had a strange but fruitful season.  Flowers grew well, while we had some fungal-related tomato and basil blights, most of the vegetables that we planted were successful.  (Due to pandemic restrictions, we started late and worked only in small groups – and upheld social distanced spacing)  About 10 families took turns doing twice-daily waterings and rodent activity checks.  See highlights: April,  May, June, July,  August […]

  2. Garden News, November 2020 | Concord Village EarthLab - November 13, 2020

    […] See pics of summer garden highlights via these links: April,  May, June, July,  August […]

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