Meet These Satisfied Houseplant Owners!

23 Nov

We’re Selling Houseplants to Raise Money for CV Garden in 2021

A limited supply of houseplant seedlings remain. Aloe, golden pathos, jade, coleus and more starts are available. Suggested donation for plants ranges from $15. to $22.

Easy-to-Care-For Options, $15. each:

Exotic Options for Plant Lovers, $22. each: 

They’re ready to move into your home!

If you enjoyed the garden herbs, vegetables or flowers this year, consider donating to the 2021 fund. We were not able to hold any fundraisers this year, so we’re selling seedlings and appealing for donations.

Want to purchase a houseplant or make a donation?

After you send an email message to, please send money electronically to Shari Rueckl via Venmo (@misssha ) .

Alternatively, you may leave an envelope with your doorman and send a message, with your name and address, to, and one of us will pick it up. Or, submit a check, made out to Concord Village Owners Inc, to the office, noting that the money is for CVEarthlab Garden.

To learn more about CVEarthlab Garden, or get involved, go to, where you’ll find information about membership, details on where the money goes, recent meeting notes, and garden photos.

Thank you.

Denise, Judith, Sandy, Shari, and Wendy, Core Committee Members

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