Garden Happenings: Late April Update

25 Apr

Subscribe for email notification from to stay up to date on the latest Spring activities and offerings. This timeline lays out the planned order for time-sensitive springtime garden tasks. Dates and times may change based on weather.

Key Dates and Seasonal Targets to Note

Sunday April 25, 3 p.m. Potato & Bean Planting

Help plant Sister 3 of the Three Sisters Garden (beans) in the dedicated Three Sisters Garden bed; help plant blue seed potatoes.

Plant Sale Plant Distribution

Saturday May 1st, 10:00 am to 12noon

This is for people who pre-ordered kitchen herb pots (basil, parsley, dill) and lavender starts. Come to the garden to get’em!

Flower Transplanting

Fri Eve/Sat/Sunday (Ap 30, May 1st & 2nd)

After the flats of marigolds, coleus, snap dragons arrive from the GrowNYC plant sale, extra hands will be needed to care for and transplant the flowers into raised beds and containers around the garden. Lots of watering opportunities!

Wednesday Evenings in May

Gardeners will converge to discuss care for the seedlings started at March workshop, harden off tomatoes, and transplant. Bring your questions and seedlings to the garden. Roughly will be @5:30pm/ 6pm. Exact time TBD; In addition, we hope to do a Tuesday or Thursday as well.

Also in May: Opportunities to harvest sugar snap peas and various lettuces.

Late May, Early June

Transplant the tomatoes, peppers, and flowers we’ve been growing at home.

About CVEarthlab Garden: CVEarthlab is a self-funded educational garden in the children’s play area behind 195 Adams St. Learn more at All residents are most welcome to plant with us!


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