Last Call for Seedlings!

18 May

Beth’s Marigold Seedlings

Any seedlings started at the March workshop should be outside by now. Today’s warm temperatures are perfect for hardening off!

The final seedling care sessions (Wed 5.19 and Wed 5.26) will focus on transplanting. If your plants are going into the garden soil, we need them in the garden.

What Does Hardening Off Mean?

Peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and other fruit-bearing plants that are started from seed indoors need to acclimate to outdoor weather prior to transplant. The hardening off process takes a little over 10 days, as time outside gradually increases from a couple hours to a full day. Flowers need to harden off, too — but don’t require as much time as fruit-bearing plants.

If you have seedlings or questions about how to prep the seedlings you started in March, be sure to come to the garden this Wednesday eve or next, or arrange for a meeting ASAP.

Stop by the garden on Wed 5/19 or Wed 5/26 between 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. to prep and transplant workshop seedlings.

We will be there for an hour, but it should only take you 10 minutes…

Time Is Running Out! May 26th is the Last Day to Transplant

It is also time to learn how to do garden care tasks and sign up for a weekly slot. The garden is in full swing, and needs attention at least 2x a day. Please volunteer for an evening or morning shift no later than Wednesday 5/19.

Whether or Not You Have Seedlings, the Garden Needs YOU!

Want to dive into garden care? This is the time to get involved!

We do regular garden duties two times a day, and the collective garden committee needs volunteers to spend 10 minutes in the garden each morning or evening. We are looking for volunteers to help on one weekday morning or evenings and commit to a recurring task through the end of June. Morning tasks include some kid-friendly, light watering workbut there are only a couple morning slots open.

Find more details about duties and the volunteer schedule here.

Thank you!


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