Transplanting Postponed Due to Storm Watch

26 May

New Plan: Thurs May 27th Is the Last Day to Transplant Your Home-Grown Seedlings!

There’s a threat of high winds and hail this afternoon and evening, so we will have to hold off transplantations. It would not be good for the seedlings to experience extreme weather right after moving in.

I hope to be outside tomorrow, Thursday, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm to transplant ALL the seedlings that haven’t gone into the CV soil yet. Th There should be multiple tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and eggplant going into the garden Wednesday evening.

On Friday, Judith will fill any remaining space with Sandy’s extra tomatoes and eggplant.

If you surrendered a plant to me, and want to be involved in the actual transplant, please let me know so I don’t start without you — (Jane  !

AND, if you transplanted anything without a core garden member, please let us know what went where if you didn’t put down marker.

Finally, if you don’t get this message or left your seedling outside, I will stash it under the cold frame during the storm window….If you have yours outside, make sure it is well sheltered where it cannot blow over in the wind or fill up with rain.

Thank you! -Denise


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