Two Monarch Caterpillars Prepare to Transform

4 Jul

Butterfly habitats hang on a large bush behind 195 Adams Street, just outside the Children’s play area.

Check out the caterpillars if you walk by the garden shed. Both were found within the last week and will likely move to the pupate stage later this week… If all goes well, they should emerge as Monarch butterflies by mid-July.

To learn more about Monarch waystation and conservation efforts at CV, including wildlife support, read about them here, and follow this blog via email notifications. We will be searching for caterpillars, catching, tagging and releasing butterflies later this summer, when the 2021 migration starts to pass through Brooklyn en route to Mexico.

Day 10 of Monarch Chrysalis: Butterfly Will Emerge Within Days


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    […] other butterfly news, the Monarchs should emerge from their chrysalises later this week.  Be sure to check on them when you walk past or visit the play […]

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