Saturday @2-3:30pm: Monarch Butterfly Catching

17 Sep

It is the middle of the migration peak, and we’ll be outside trying to catch and tag butterflies Saturday afternoon. All are welcome to watch/spot and help. Parents: be aware that while we often catch something, it won’t necessarily happen quickly. In most cases, seems best for kids to play or do other activities while keeping an eye out for Monarchs.

I am no expert, but can point you to lots of information here. To answer some FAQs:

-The Monarchs are en route to Mexico. They fly as far as 3000 miles during lifespan.

-We tag them with a numbered sticker via a citizen science project from Monarch Watch.

-Monarchs are an endangered species and this type of monitoring helps measure the health of the overall migration.

-Monarchs visit Concord Village because we have many native plants they visit for nectar (food), as well as milkweed — the sole Monarch host plant. Female Monarchs lay eggs on milkweed only (any caterpillar found on milkweed is a Monarch).



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