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Check out our Marigold Garland!

29 Oct

Look what AJ and Denise made with the marigold flower heads from the garden!

As we worked to winterize the garden, we picked the various marigold flowers that were in full bloom.

We pushed a needle and thread through each flower head and then hung the homegrown streamer to add a festive vibe for Sunday’s Halloween celebration.

With luck they will last until November 1st and 2nd for Dia de Meurtos or the Day of the Dead.

Happy Halloween!


Meet Sweetie the Swallowtail Caterpillar

23 Oct
Sweetie was discovered today, on plants in the herb box behind 225 Adams Street. Sweetie eats parsley, carrot tops, and dill — to fuel their transformation into a swallowtail butterfly.
We’ve placed them in a habitat outside the play area. If Sweetie is of interest, you have about one day — possibly less — to observe them before they go into chrysalis. They’ll be in their “cocoon” type enclosure for 1-2 weeks before emerging…Or, they could chose to overwinter and turn into a butterfly in the spring.
Check’em out soon! We didn’t have many butterflies visit or leave eggs this year, probably because of the construction — so lets celebrate this one!

Many, Many Thanks!

12 Oct

Much appreciation to all the residents who attended the garden fundraiser on Saturday despite the chilly weather! And, of course, lots of gratitude to all those who donated funds to help keep the garden going — and growing. CVers are a generous bunch!

We will keep the fundraiser open for another few days. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by, or forgot to give, you are very welcome to donate to the self-funded now. Checks (made out to CVOI) can be left at the office or for Shari Rueckl, 195 Adams St, Apt 15B. Her Venmo handle is @misssha .

Today! Garden Party Starts at 4:30pm

8 Oct

Join us! We’ll be outside with drinks and snacks today from 4:30 to 6pm.

Sat 10/8, 4:30pm: Garden Fundraiser!

5 Oct

Hope to see you Saturday! Want to bring something?

Wine or cheese always works..

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