Considering Steel Tanks for Rat-Resistant Raised Beds?

8 Mar

Raised bed suggestion from NYC gardener/ school garden consultant, Fred Wolf of NatureBased:

We have been using galvanized steel stock tanks as sub irrigated planter systems at our school sites with rat issues. They are virtually vermin proof. 

If there is a budget to completely replace all your beds with these growing systems that would be really the only way to prevent rats from burrowing in your beds. Anything on the ground is ripe for their nests.

He says they also need to be raised off the ground and placed away from things the rodents can climb on (like the fence). To elevate the beds, he uses different stuff: 4×4 beams, cinder blocks, bricks, etc.

Should we investigate? Maybe replace one contaminated bed with one tank this season, as a pilot?

Video of how to sub irrigate is below. Photos are examples of tanks (not nec sub-irrigated) used at PS 307.


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