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Herb Orders In: Lemongrass, Lavender, Chives (+Strawberries)

30 Apr

I picked up the NatureBased order today: lavender, lemongrass, chives, cilantro, and bought some everbearing strawberries. Shari picked up bare root “sweet dessert” varieties from a giveaway — these need to go into soil ASAP.

Click here to see updated “to do” list. Thx!


Chill Protection, Hardware Cloth Progress

28 Apr

G and I covered the flowers in row cover and tucked them away from the wind, inside the beds… We cut and installed landscape fabric w (1/2 inch opening) into bed #9, adding 3 bags of soil.

The tighter weave on the 1/4 inch hardware cloth is much harder to maneuver, but we managed to fit it inside the standing bed and are weighing it down to see how much it needs to be trimmed. See pics below.

Now that we have a working tool (thanks Tom!!!) we can move forward…. We need to buy a little more of the 1/2 inch galvanized steel hardware cloth for the other 3-4 beds.

Working to do list is here, but with so much rain in the forecast it might be a day or two before we can do much work in the garden. -DM

Houseplant Swap is 2pm, Sat 4/29 at Earth Day Fest

24 Apr


This year’s swap is RAIN or SHINE. (In case of rain, we will be in the community room.)

Last year’s houseplant swap at CV’s Earth Day Fest was such a success, we have to do it again! If you know the drill, get rootin’.

New to the idea? Know this: It is free, fun, sustainable, and neighborly. Come and share cuttings with fellow residents!

You’ll see this description in the official Earth Day Fest flyer — pls note this isn’t a garden committee activity but rather part of the Recycling and Sustainability Committee’s flagship event. That said, gardeners, non-garders, all CV residents are welcome to participate. Last year we had more plant starts than would-be plant parents — don’t hesitate to come check it out if you are interested but can’t get together a lot of cuttings.

Houseplant Swap!

Bring a plant cutting, take a plant cutting.  This swap is for residents looking to trade or give away healthy, pest-free cuttings or houseplant starts.  Please no donations of unwanted plants or planters that need a new home. Bring your plant cuttings, preferably labeled, in a container that you do not need back, to the 230 Jay Street community room by 2pm(You can drop off starting at 12noon, but the actual swap/trading is scheduled for 2pm)

Find more info here. Questions? Send a note via email to 

Read more about swapping on Homestead Brooklyn: How to Organize a Plant Swap Like a Pro!

Jeff Moved the Heavy Bags Car -> Garden

15 Apr

At 4:30pm today — if it isn’t raining –we’ll be outside doing garden prep work: bleaching the beds (Amy and I finished cleaning them yesterday), cutting landscape fabric, pulling supplies like the good watering wand out of storage.  Please join if you can! 

Tomorrow, Sun, will be more of the same, @12 noon, possibly dumping soil into beds if there’s been progress. Thx!


Garden Tasks Completed + Started Weekend of 4/8

10 Apr

This weekend Amy and I finished cleaning and sanitizing one bed, planted sunflower seeds, transplanted ever bearing strawberry seedlings into the top of the tower, and found self-watering accessories for the community herb bed (in storage). Matt bought starts for the herb bed, and Jeff volunteered to move and level standing bed in the near future.

Next up: order and pick up soil, clean and sanitize the remaining beds, and fill ’em up! -Denise

Transplant Herbs, Scrub Beds

8 Apr

I’ll be outside at 5pm today, Saturday, to prep beds and transplant some of the herbs and strawberries I’m picking up this afternoon.

Thanks! -Denise


I will also be around Sunday — Easter — to start disinfecting the beds after the environmentally friendly bleach alternative arrives. Reach out and if you want to work in the garden 🙂

Ying’s Amazing Coleus Cuttings

7 Apr

Look a heckofa lot better than the ones I tried to keep going this winter! Im watching them while she’s away…..

Its Friday, and chilly, but I will be outside today at 5:15pm to starting scrubbing down the beds.

Garden Task List – Most Urgently Needed

5 Apr

These are the tasks that should be completed by Sunday April 9th (Easter Sunday).

Scrub the Beds

The contaminated soil was moved out of 5 beds. They should be rinsed and cleaned with water biodegradable soap before being treated with bleach (or bleach alternative — ideas?)

Finalize Plant Sale Order

Do we want to grow some flowering perennials in an area for flowers for cutting? Options include bee balm, yarrow, echinacea, See draft order here and please add comments.

Strawberry Tower Shore-Up

Fertilize the plants, add soil, and assess how many more are needed. (Max is two to three plants per 4 corner “pot”)

Buy and Plant Arugula Seeds, Other Lettuces

Can they go in the bed #3, where Amy planted Kale? Not sure which plants are compatible w Kale.

Place Orders for Delivery Via Credit Card

You will be reimbursed. We need to order, possibly get delivery, about 16 bags of organic soil.

Pick Up Soil Order From Local Home Depot or Lowes

About 16 bags…

Peas, Carrots, Kale Planted: Sunday Garden Prep

2 Apr

Thanks to AJ, Amy, and Gunthilde! We prepped three beds, uncovered the strawberry tower, and sowed some seeds.

Return of the Pink Hyacinth

1 Apr

Wendy planted this a couple of years ago…

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