Garden Task List – Most Urgently Needed

5 Apr

These are the tasks that should be completed by Sunday April 9th (Easter Sunday).

Scrub the Beds

The contaminated soil was moved out of 5 beds. They should be rinsed and cleaned with water biodegradable soap before being treated with bleach (or bleach alternative — ideas?)

Finalize Plant Sale Order

Do we want to grow some flowering perennials in an area for flowers for cutting? Options include bee balm, yarrow, echinacea, See draft order here and please add comments.

Strawberry Tower Shore-Up

Fertilize the plants, add soil, and assess how many more are needed. (Max is two to three plants per 4 corner “pot”)

Buy and Plant Arugula Seeds, Other Lettuces

Can they go in the bed #3, where Amy planted Kale? Not sure which plants are compatible w Kale.

Place Orders for Delivery Via Credit Card

You will be reimbursed. We need to order, possibly get delivery, about 16 bags of organic soil.

Pick Up Soil Order From Local Home Depot or Lowes

About 16 bags…


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