Houseplant Swap is 2pm, Sat 4/29 at Earth Day Fest

24 Apr


This year’s swap is RAIN or SHINE. (In case of rain, we will be in the community room.)

Last year’s houseplant swap at CV’s Earth Day Fest was such a success, we have to do it again! If you know the drill, get rootin’.

New to the idea? Know this: It is free, fun, sustainable, and neighborly. Come and share cuttings with fellow residents!

You’ll see this description in the official Earth Day Fest flyer — pls note this isn’t a garden committee activity but rather part of the Recycling and Sustainability Committee’s flagship event. That said, gardeners, non-garders, all CV residents are welcome to participate. Last year we had more plant starts than would-be plant parents — don’t hesitate to come check it out if you are interested but can’t get together a lot of cuttings.

Houseplant Swap!

Bring a plant cutting, take a plant cutting.  This swap is for residents looking to trade or give away healthy, pest-free cuttings or houseplant starts.  Please no donations of unwanted plants or planters that need a new home. Bring your plant cuttings, preferably labeled, in a container that you do not need back, to the 230 Jay Street community room by 2pm(You can drop off starting at 12noon, but the actual swap/trading is scheduled for 2pm)

Find more info here. Questions? Send a note via email to 

Read more about swapping on Homestead Brooklyn: How to Organize a Plant Swap Like a Pro!


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