Wed Eve Workshop Follow-Ups Will Start May 10th

3 May

We are making very slow, almost steady progress with the garden. Undoing and recreating and reinforcing the 5 beds that were damaged by rats last year is taking a lot of time and effort. With Edward away on vacation, we’re even more stalled.

Thankfully, we were able to transplant some flowers earlier this week and hope to do more soon.

Wednesday Evenings in May, where gardeners answer workshopers’ questions about hardening off their seedlings will start on Wed May 10th. You can learn about the hardening off process and get advice customized to your plant starts.

Find more information regarding hardening off here.

You can see how we’ve done Wed Eves in May in the past. The goal is to get plants prepared to transplant by late May or early June — and to know what is viable and what is not for planning purposes.

In the meantime, if you need more potting soil for your plant starts pls let me know. My guys need an amendment — for sure.

Thank you!



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