There’s a New Plan for Two Beds

13 May

Shari and I met with Edward and Mr. Rios. We landed on a plan for beds #4 and #10.

Like bed #8, but shorter — Rios will build a frame atop the beds. The new frames will be sturdy enough to hold the existing lids and open about 45 degrees. We will open the lids during the day so that pollinators can access the plants, and close them at night so that rats cannot.

There will be a wide door that opens to allow gardeners access the soil and plants. The police tape above shows about how high the frame will be. My sketch below means to illustrate the concept.

Mr. Rios retires at the end of this month; the hope is that he can finish these over this weekend and next. Bed #9 will be first. We will need to remove some soil from bed #4 to try to correct the bowing. (Edward thinks a brace can help stabilize the width). For more info about next steps needed, see the working task list. Thank you!


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