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3:45- 5pm Today:Butterfly Chasing, Catching, & Tagging

25 Sep

The Monarch migration is almost over! We will attempt to catch and tag some Saturday afternoon.

Come if you can!

Saturday @2-3:30pm: Monarch Butterfly Catching

17 Sep

It is the middle of the migration peak, and we’ll be outside trying to catch and tag butterflies Saturday afternoon. All are welcome to watch/spot and help. Parents: be aware that while we often catch something, it won’t necessarily happen quickly. In most cases, seems best for kids to play or do other activities while keeping an eye out for Monarchs.

I am no expert, but can point you to lots of information here. To answer some FAQs:

-The Monarchs are en route to Mexico. They fly as far as 3000 miles during lifespan.

-We tag them with a numbered sticker via a citizen science project from Monarch Watch.

-Monarchs are an endangered species and this type of monitoring helps measure the health of the overall migration.

-Monarchs visit Concord Village because we have many native plants they visit for nectar (food), as well as milkweed — the sole Monarch host plant. Female Monarchs lay eggs on milkweed only (any caterpillar found on milkweed is a Monarch).



3pm Today (Sunday): Monarch Butterfly Release

12 Sep

The Fall Monarch Migration is at its peak, and we’ll tag and release two newborn butterflies today at 3pm. Come and see if you can!

Learn more about Monarch conservation at CV:

Get Ready, Get Set, Monarch!

Monarch Migration Activities: 9/11/2021

Check Out the Caterpillars in Habitat By Children’s Play Area


2:30-3pm Friday, 9/10: Big Butterfly Release!

9 Sep

We plan to tag and release 13 Monarch butterflies from the garden tomorrow. All are welcome to watch — and we’d love help taking photos and video!  See pics from a previous release here.

Is This a Silvery Blue, Spring Azure, or Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly?

10 Jul

Or another species all together? At first glance, I dismissed it as a plain old cabbage white, but looking closely I realized it was more colorful (esp when it spread its wings and blue, exposing a pretty baby blue color.) Unfortmately that happened off camera…Research suggests this is likely a Spring Azure, I will keep reading…UPDATE: This appears to be a male Eastern-Tailed Blue Butterfly.

In other butterfly news, the Monarchs should emerge from their chrysalises later this week.  Be sure to check on them when you walk past or visit the play area.

Eggplant Blooms, Painted Lady Butterfly Lands and More

14 Jun
Painted lady on borage leaves
Cucumber plant is ready to start climin

Close Up Monarch Butterfly Pics

22 Aug


Will This Butterfly Overwinter in Chrysalis and Emerge In 2020?

26 Oct

Remember Greta, the Monarch caterpillar captured in August?

She didn’t emerge from her chrysalis on schedule, but we’re hoping she is just waiting until Spring 2020 to reveal herself.

We’ll do more research and share what we learn.  In the meantime, check her out!


See the wings?


Monarch Butterfly Was Tagged, Released Today

11 Aug

After only about 11 days in chrysalis, our Monarch butterfly emerged!


His name is Leif.


Kids gathered to watch Mila, who cared for the caterpillar in her home, release the beautiful butterfly after grownups tagged him with coded stickers.  The tags are part of Monarch Watch’s citizen science tagging project, which allows people to attach small stickers to Monarchs in order to help scientists study the migration patterns of this at-risk species.

Leif, a male, was marked with code AACB 225, and was released from CV on 08.11.19.milamonarchmomentIMG_4991

Today Leif embarked on a 6-to-8-week journey, and if the tag is recovered (hopefully in Mexico, the migrating Monarch’s destination) we will know he made it!  Or, if he makes it only as far as Texas or another US state, and his tag is recovered, we will learn those details.

Monarch Butterfly #2 Is Born

11 Aug

More info about tagging and releasing later today to come.

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