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It’s Almost Time! Harvest Potluck Is Tomorrow

18 Oct

Eggplants, tomatoes, chard and herbs from our garden

The Harvest Party and Potluck Fundraiser starts at 4:30pm on Saturday.

It’s not too late to RSVP!

All participants are invited to use herbs from the garden in their dishes. There’s plenty of basil, oregano, and garlic to cook with.

It’s a Fundraiser!

The garden is self-funded and requires money for the 2020 season. Learn about ongoing costs and more on the membership page.

If you’d like to help the garden grow, we invite you to donate money at the event. Checks made out to CVOI can be submitted via Shari Rueckl (195 Adams St., Apt 15B) or the management office at 215 Adams St. You can also Venmo to Shari Rueckl (@misssha). Thank you!

All residents are welcome to join us as we celebrate the tail end of the 2019 season.  We hope to see you outside in the children’s play area tomorrow.


Spring Happenings: Upcoming Activities, Events To Note

3 Feb

Bookmark this page and check back for updates on specific times. See also CVEarthlab google calendar*.

Friday March 29th: Lettuce and arugula broadcasting**  6:00pm to 6:16pm

Sunday, April 7th: CV EarthDay Fest (possible weed pull and toss event **)

Mid March:  Weekend workday to direct sow early veg, prep

Mid to late April:  Watering on schedule starts

April 27 or 28 (or both days of weekend):   Workday to transplant flowers, herbs (from GrowNYC plant sale)**

Wed May 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd: “May Wednesdays” Gardeners converge outside from 6-7pm to water, answer seedling, transplant questions. **

Early June: Tomato transplanting, staking

Early to Mid-June: Spring Celebration/ Strawberries + Salad Tasting

*Don’t miss any gardening opportunities! If you use a gmail calendar, subscribe to CVEarthlab google calendar by clicking cal icon on (This is not the same as following the blog via email notifications, which is also recommended. Subscribing means CVEarthlab events appear on your google cal.)

** especially fun and kid-friendly

Sat July 9th: Crazy Growth Report!

9 Jul

I hadn’t been outside in a few days, so today I was amazed by how fast things are growing: Almost all of the tomatoes need staking/pruning/ support.

There’s also sprawl from the ground cherries that I tried to reign in…The cucumbers are ready to climb so I pulled down some of the snap peas… I suppose I will snip off the scapes this weekend and plan a garlic harvest.  Who wants some?


Have you watered lately?  Its hot and those tomato plants are thirsty, click here to volunteer to water on a specific day.  See you outside!!!  -Denise



Preparing Tomato Plants for Transplanting

18 May

Today I started “hardening off” the two tomatoes that I started from seed earlier this year.  If you too have tomatoes in your window, you’ll want to get them ready to move outside.

I’m aiming to get mine in the ground by Memorial Day weekend, so I’ll spend the next 6 to 9 days gradually exposing them to the outdoor air, light and temperatures before they go into the garden bed.

Shari shares this guide to hardening-off tomatoes:

. I have some flowers, too, but I’m assuming they aren’t as complicated as fruit-bearing tomatoes to toughen up.

Who else has tomatoes, and how many? We should think abtomato-seedlingout what is going where in the small garden, so we don’t end up with too many tomatoes!

Gourd Birdhouse

29 Jun


Have you seen the apple-shaped birdhouse hanging from the tree near the picnic tables? It’s a birdhouse hand-crafted from a gourd, by Linda, seen in this photo with Benji and her product. We met Linda and her wares at a farmers’ market in Berlin, Maryland this weekend while we were visiting my parents.

According to Linda, who grows, cleans, dries, stains and seals each gourd herself, the hole is just the right size for song birds, but too small for much else…I don’t know much about birdhouses but I thought this was both cute and cool. Any concerns? Questions? Deb says the hole placement may be problematic as it can collect rain water…I’m not too sure but will defer to the group. –Denise




Inspiration From Gil Hodges Community Garden

12 Jun

I like the look of the plant markers and the hanging pockets at this community garden on Carroll Street…Wonder if  either element would work in CVearthlab? It would be great to add some plant markers before the Garden Fundraiser Party on June 21st…


A Walking Onion?

31 May



Here’s a close up of the Egyptian walking onion baby bulbs that Benji’s science teacher gave us. They come from her sister’s garden upstate. Also known as tree onions, these perennials are described as “walking” because of the unique way they self-propagate. Instead of flowers, they produce onion seeds or “top sets” at the top of the plant. When the plants mature  the heavy seeds cause the plant to fall over and re-root itself; the seeds seem to “walk” over to other parts of the plot.  Of course I didn’t read any of this before I transplanted several bulbs into a large pot (former home to an unsuccessful small tomato seedling).

onion potAbout 10 bulbs are sitting in a cup next to the garlic planter. Let’s figure out what to do with them!  According to, when new top sets are planted they will grow throughout the spring and summer and develop tall green leaves and bulb/root growth in the ground, but they will not develop top sets in their first year–just roots and leafstalks.  This makes me think we might plant some onions in a place they can linger for a while. If we don’t pull out the bulb, they should regrow, develop top sets next year and then replant themselves. Maybe the garlic planter would make a good home? Only half of it seems to be producing anything; we can plant garlic somewhere else in the fall and perhaps use the planter for the onions?  I’m open to ideas.  -Denise


Goodbye Yahoo Group: Communications Update

31 May

As our 2014 gardening season approaches full-swing, it is time to bury our yahoo listserve, [cvEarthlab].  It has served us well, especially during the first years before the garden had a blog. Moving forward, please use this website/blog,, for communication. In a few weeks, you will not be able to reach other garden members by sending messages to

There’s still lots going on in the garden, much news to follow and many ways to participate! To stay up to date, register on the blog if you haven’t already. New posts are emailed to anyone who follows the blog via email (see tab and box on the right-hand side, above the calendar, that invites you to enter your address to receive email notification of new posts)

Follow CvEarthLab Blog via Email

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

To engage with the group, you can add comments to any post, or start a conversation using the suggestion box (right-side of home page).  We invite CVearthlab members to write and post blogs, too.  Post a comment or send a note to to get assigned privileges to use the admin side of the wordpress blog and post your own entries, photos and video. WordPress is an easy, fun and a useful tool. Feel free to ask questions by sending a message to the core group via

Thank you!

Shari, Deb, Ansley, Donna and Denise

CVearthlab Core Members

First Lady McCray Cuts Ribbon for ps 372 Garden

29 Mar

Check out the new garden at Benji’s school!

First Lady McCray Cuts Ribbon for 372 Garden.

Brainstorm Box

8 Jun

suggestionbox1Share your bright ideas and inspirations for the garden here!  Just scroll down and post a comment where it says Leave a reply.

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