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Beach Plum Blooms For the First Time

14 Apr

Native to the Northeast coast, the beach plum (prunus maritima marsh) is a perennial fruit shrub especially supportive of bees. Learn more about its interesting history here


Heritage Beach Plum, April 2019.



CV’s beach plum as seen in 2015.






Ready To Pull and Toss Weeds?

5 Apr

As part of Earth Fest, we’ll pull some weeds from the play area and see how hard it is to toss them on target.IMG_6819 (1)

Hope to see you Sunday at 1:45pm in the Children’s 

Play Area behind 195 Adams.

Scroll down for more photos from last year’s weed pull game, plus Earth Fest 2019 info.



Earth Day Fest 2019 is happening Sunday 4/7 from 1pm – 4pm in the Community Room.

What can you do there?  Lots of things!

-Attend to get a chance for a door prize from our great sponsors:  Concord Market, Park Plaza, Concord Cleaners, Bluestone Lane, Randolph Beer, Visa Gift Card from AKAM Assoc and Taco Dumbo!
-Enjoy refreshments with your neighbors from Kathleen Higgins Law Offices and AKAM Associates!
-New this year – on site shredding the same day at Earth Day Fest
-Vote for Participatory Budget items
-drop off CORKS! (new this year), cell phones/eye glasses/print cartridges/light bulbs/batteries/cables for recycling/reuse
-Play games
Weed Hunt (corrected time – 1:45pm, Children’s Play Area)
-Make crafts
-Watch short films
-And more!

There are a limited supply of giveaways, too!  Join us!

6pm Tonite! Arugula and Lettuce Planting

29 Mar

Bring kids or friends to dig and broadcast (throw) seeds this evening from 6 to 6:15pm. Hope to see you!

If you’d like more info about upcoming planting events, please see our Spring schedule. Thanks.  -Denise

Sunday at 4:15pm: Plant With Us!

23 Mar

clairePeaPlantThanks to Leo and Claire (left) we got more sugar snap peas into the soil Friday!

Next Planting Session Sunday 4:15pm – 4:30pm

But there’s still more planting to do!  Come to the garden Sunday at 4:15pm for snap pea and arugula broadcasting (aka throwing seeds).  Kids who want to help till and rake soil will be needed from 4:15 to 4:30pm. All are welcome to participate.

Spring is springing!

Pea Planting Is This Eve

22 Mar

6pm to 615pm


Pea Planting Postponed to Fri 6pm

21 Mar

Its too wet and chilly, so we’ll try for a snap pea planting session tomorrow, Friday, at 6pm.

Kids will have an opportunity to dig and rake soil, as well as plant a few seeds.  There will be lots of worms thanks to the rain!.

Come to the garden at 6pm Friday – we’ll work from 6:00pm to 6:15pm – short and sweet. Thanks!  -Denise

We’ll do another succession planting session on Sunday…More details to come.

Thursday 6pm Planting (weather permitting)

20 Mar

If it isn’t raining, I will host a quick snap pea planting session Thursday at 6pm.

Kids will have an opportunity to dig and rake soil, as well as plant a few seeds.  There will be worms.

Come to the garden at 6pm Thursday – we’ll work from 6:00pm to 6:15pm – short and sweet. Thanks!  -Denise

Next session should be Sunday…More details to come.

Snap Pea Seeds Are In the Soil!

17 Mar

diggersMarch17IMG_32861Five kids came down to sow snap pea seeds this afternoon.  We tilled the soil, examined and relocated some worms. and dropped at least 12-15 seeds into holes.


Now the seeds are under row cover, germinating.  We’ll check back for sprouts soon!



Thanks to Judith and Sandi, the garden is ready for some planting. Join me Sunday from 415pm to 430pm to direct sow some sugar snap peas! Thx. —Denise

16 Mar

Seeds Are Sprouting!

10 Mar

Thanks to the residents who kicked off the season with a seed-starting session last weekend, we’re seeing some early results. But first, see snapshots from the planting workshop Saturday March 3rd.


Fast forward to Friday, February 8. Claire and Leo’s calendula planters are plentiful (busy).  The tomatoes that Mike and Benji planted started to sprout Saturday morning, less than one week post-planting.

IMG_20190308_154502310tomatoSproutMarch9IMG_3162 (1)

What’s everyone else got?

With luck, we’ll be able to prep the raised beds and direct sow snap pea seeds outside later this month.

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