The Annual Fall Harvest Fundraiser Potluck Is Saturday 9.29

14 Sep
You’re Invited to CVEarthlab’s Fall Harvest Party! Join us Saturday, September 29th at 4:30pm in the Children’s Play Area.

What:  Annual Fall Harvest Fundraiser Potluck

Who:  Members of CVEarthlab, the educational community garden inside the play area, invite all residents (with & without small children) to join in!

Where:  The Garden & Children’s Outdoor Play Area, behind 195 Adams St / next to 230 Jay St

When:  Saturday September 29th, 4:30pm to 6pm

Why:  The garden is self-funded and requires money for the 2019 season. Learn about ongoing costs and more at

Come celebrate the harvest! Members of the garden committee invite you to harvest some herbs from the garden and use them in a potluck dish to share. (Potential ingredients to pick include: basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, lavender, lemon verbena, Tulsi or Holy Basil, anise hyssop as well as dried garlic that was harvested in August.)

If you’d like to help the garden grow, we invite you to donate money at the event. Checks made out to CVOI can be submitted via Shari Rueckl (195 Adams St., Apt 15B) or the management office at 215 Adams St. You can also Venmo to Shari Rueckl (@misssha). Thank you!

RSVP due by Tuesday, September 25 to .

Please include what you plan to bring. Potluck items that don’t require cooking include fresh fruit, wine and/or kid-friendly soft drinks such as lemonade or seltzer.

Rain date is Sunday September 30.


Save the Date: 9.29 Harvest Party

19 Aug

The Annual CVEarthlab Harvest Potluck will be held Saturday September 29,
4:30 pm to 6pm*  All residents are invited to celebrate the CVEarthlab garden by bringing a dish or drink to share!

Annual Membership and Donation Reminder

Interested in the garden but haven’t joined or renewed for 2018 season yet? Send your contact info to . CVEarthlab is a self-funded, organic community garden and membership is available to all CV residents. Suggested annual donation is $25 per family or $10 per individual. (Find maintenance and membership info here.)

New!  We Accept Donations Via Venmo!

Donations accepted via check, cash, or Venmo electronic transfer.
Drop checks (made out to CVOI) or cash with management office or 195 Adams doorman (attn Shari Rueckl). To pay via Venmo app, use Shari’s username: @misssha
Thank you!

*Raindate Sunday Sept 30, 4:30pm

debs-harvest-party-tart[1]Related: Click through to see recipes and photos from years past!

What it means to be a member . . .

24 Apr


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It’s almost springtime…a new season and the perfect time to become a member of the CVEarthlab Community & Educational Garden! CVEarthlab is a wonderful volunteer-led and self-funded communal, child-friendly garden in Concord Village’s Children’s Play Area! We offer amazing opportunities for adults and children to learn about their environment and the plants and animals that inhabit it with them; to grow and enjoy fresh produce; and to share meals, knowledge and experiences with neighbors with a wide variety of backgrounds in gardening. And, it’s crazy fun! Follow this blog (there’s a link you can click on the right or at the bottom depending on your device) or email if you want to learn more!  What does being a member mean?  You contribute $25 per family . . . and (we hope) help with volunteer work, planting, and watering when you can.

Why do we need members, and why do members need to contribute money? CVEarthLab is self-funded. Over the past 5 years, we’ve invested nearly $7600. in cash, donations in kind and grant awards to get the garden off the ground. Most of that was start-up costs, and we were lucky to receive more than $3,000 in grants and in-kind donations, but maintenance is not free! Recent purchases include soil to replenish the beds, two replacement raised beds and a bench. In spring 2016, we invested about $500 in soil and equipment to refill our 4 older raised beds with new soil (and make 2 of them sub-irrigated) to maintain safe soil quality. We also expanded our garden with a new bed we received through a grant. And we will be testing our soil once again this year (as we do every year – at $75 per sample) to track changes in our soil over time and ensure we’re growing in safe soil. Besides planting and watering, the garden requires a lot of manpower and a variety of resources. Sustaining its success requires an assortment of efforts and skills, including fundraising, grant researching and writing, researching and writing proposals for the board, website content creation and maintenance, documenting activities and communicating regularly with fellow members, photographs, soil quality testing and stewardship, harvest potluck party planning and prep, errand running, weather proofing, cat and squirrel deterring, making or buying organic pest sprays and fertilizers, and all sorts of creative problem solving. And money! It’s clear: we REALLY need volunteers and we hope that our members find many ways to help us grow and maintain our garden! At a minimum, though, we ask that each CVEarthLab member family or individual commit to:

1. Donate $25.  You can leave checks, made out to CVOI*, with CVEarthlab in the memo line, in the CV office or arrange for a garden member to pick something up from your doorman by sending a note to . Starting August 2018, we accept donations via Venmo electronic payment service. To pay via Venmo app, use Shari’s Rueckl’s username: @misssha

So come on and join us!

*CV maintains an account for the Children’s Play Area, and will deposit CVEarthlab checks to that account. 

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