Late July 2020, Garden Highlights

3 Aug



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Mid-July 2020

Mid-July 2020 Garden Scenes

1 Aug



Early July 2020 Garden Highlights

1 Aug


Hot Peppers Look Good!

1 Aug

They’ll look — and taste — even better when they turn red and ripen.

Purple Caterpillar: Friend or Foe?

26 Jul

Found on bee balm, close to tomatoes, so I don’t want to assume this thing is harmless… Shall i detain him?


Highlights, Friday Evening 7/25/2020

25 Jul

Purple and Green Bush Beans Are Planted

24 Jul

Thanks to Prema, her mom, and Wendy for helping to sow these seeds! Watch for bush bean sprouts soon!

Friday PM Planting

23 Jul

I’m hoping to plant some beans, as well as cucumbers, on Friday. Ideally, we will hold one planting session at 4pm and another at 6:30pm, depending on weather and interest. Please send a note to if you would like to participate!

Each session will be brief and last no more than 20 minutes.

Thanks, — Denise

Scenes From Garden Thurs am, After the Storm

23 Jul

Garden looks good! I picked up some tomatoes that had fallen — pls do this if you can.  This tomato will ripen on my window sill — and it won’t rot on the soil and attract pests.

See pics below, including pink echinacea (aka cone flowers), cucumber vine sprouts, and one of the first black eyed susan flowers to open.

Late June 2020

21 Jul


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