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Three Fat Monarch Caterpillars Sitting

20 Jun

on the Jay St milkweed!

I will likely put them in containers later today (Monday).


One Big Monarch Caterpillar, One Small

28 Aug

Both need names!

Eastern Swallowtail Surprise

20 Jul

This beauty left eggs behind when she visited Sunday. Look for them, and baby caterpillars, on the parsley, dill, and fennel.

Update:  Almost certainly a black Eastern swallowtail.  According to this source, egg stage lasts 4 to 9 days… Should we rescue and raise one of these guys?

Fennel plants by play area entry gate

Caterpillars Are Secure

6 Jul

A couple of hours after Shari tucked them into the bush when the wind kicked up, I moved the habitats into elevated crates. Both Marco and his young friend Polo were snug in their chrysalises, still attached to the mesh roofs of their homes. Stay safe guys!

Two Monarch Caterpillars Prepare to Transform

4 Jul

Butterfly habitats hang on a large bush behind 195 Adams Street, just outside the Children’s play area.

Check out the caterpillars if you walk by the garden shed. Both were found within the last week and will likely move to the pupate stage later this week… If all goes well, they should emerge as Monarch butterflies by mid-July.

To learn more about Monarch waystation and conservation efforts at CV, including wildlife support, read about them here, and follow this blog via email notifications. We will be searching for caterpillars, catching, tagging and releasing butterflies later this summer, when the 2021 migration starts to pass through Brooklyn en route to Mexico.

Day 10 of Monarch Chrysalis: Butterfly Will Emerge Within Days

Monarch Caterpillar #2 Is Still Eating, Preparing for Transformation

26 Aug

This one is staying in the triangle-shaped habitat that is hanging from shrub next to garden shed behind 195 Adams.

Monarch Caterpillar #1 Changes Into Chrysalis

26 Aug

See her in the large green cage by the garden shed, but don’t disturb her. She’ll be in there for a week or two before she turns into a butterfly.

ISO Proper Caterpillar Cage

22 Aug

Found another Monarch caterpillar but don’t have an appropriate container…Anyone have a butterfly cage on hand? This will only last a day or two…TIA. -Denise

How Many Caterpillars Do You See?

17 Aug

The parsley in the standing bed outside the play area is filled with feasting caterpillars. They arent Monarchs, look like swallowtails or painted ladies.

A Butterfly Is Born!

18 Jul

Welcome to the world a new Monarch butterfly. Captured from CV milkweed as a caterpillar, she emerged from her pupa (in a habitat container) in the play area this morning. I left the flap open, but she probably wont leave for another day or so; if you pass the play area, look for the habitat near the pole where the helmet hangs

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