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Hello Hollyhock!

24 Jun

Monarch on Milkweed — In June!

23 Jun

I happened uponn this monarch butterfly feeding. Its too early for the 2021 migration, so this is likely a straggler from 2020. Stay tunned for more about catching, tagging, and raising Monarchs in late July thru October.

First CV Sunflower Opens — Happy Summer!

11 Jun

End-of-May Flowers, 2021

2 Jun

What’s Flowering This Week? Milkweed & Clover!

27 May

Late May Blooms

25 May

The Week In Flowers

21 May

Herb Fundraiser Pickup, Planting Events This Weekend

2 May

Saturday was busy in the garden, as plant sale customers picked up herbs and kids transplanted flowers. Today, Sunday, is the last opportunity to pick up unclaimed orders (we dont have room to hold them). We will hold a flower transplanting session around 330/4pm pending interest. RSVP to cvearthlab@gmail.com or post a comment here. Thank you!

My Favorite Flower This Week…

29 Aug

is Zinnia!!!

Vote For Your Favorite Flowers!

20 Jan

Time to think Spring! CVEarthlab core members will order seeds for the Indoor Planting Workshop on March 2nd , and we’d like input from committee members.

What Flowers Should We Grow?

You are welcome to check as many boxes as you’d like. The poll requires an email registration; you are welcome to send feedback to CVEarthlab@gmail.com if that is preferable. Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion!

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