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Dried, CV-Grown Garlic Is Available in Herb Bed Outside Play Area

19 Oct

Use it for a potluck dish this eve!


Incoming Garlic Grow Bags

15 Oct

Incoming Garlic Grow Bags

I bought a couple of these to use for garlic this year. But I’m having trouble finding seed garlic to plant before the ground freezes. Everywhere is sold out, because growing garlic is “hot.” I’ll use what’s left from this year’s crop, but ideally I’d like to do a more varied selection of hard-neck garlics –and I’m not sure what exactly we have…   –Denise

Still Waiting to Harvest the Garlic…

25 May



Our garlic came from Hood River Organic, a farm that offers this harvesting advice on their garlic calendar:   Harvesting Garlic  When the leaves of the garlic plant begin to turn brown, it is time for harvesting garlic. You want to harvest your garlic when the plant has three to four fairly strong green leaves remaining. Keep an eye on your softnecks because they will be ready to harvest earlier than the hardnecks.  

I’m hoping we’ll be able to dig up something within the next couple weeks.  -Denise

Is that a garlic plant I spy?

16 Dec


If you look very closely at the bottom of these pictures, you can see green sprouts popping out of the ground.  Is the garlic growing already?  According to the garlic growing calendar, this doesn’t typically happen until January, but I guess that isn’t too far away..

Can’t wait to get into the play area and get a closer look!    -Denise

Garlic plants spotted Sunday December 16, 2012.

Garlic plants spotted Sunday December 16, 2012.

Garlic Planting & Garden Winterizing

6 Nov

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 Over the past weekend, a few of us planted garlic in the bed next to the strawberries. Then we added some mulch and secured the soil with hardware wire. Finally, removed the stakes and plants and covered the other beds with tarp or trash bags.  It’s sad to close down the garden, but we had a productive and fun season and I can’t wait to see what we do next!  Stay tuned for details about our 2013 garden planning meeting tentatively scheduled for December.

To learn more about the garlic, which should be ready for the spring, read Got Garlic? Yes!  The Shipment Is In!

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