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Dried, CV-Grown Garlic Is Available in Herb Bed Outside Play Area

19 Oct

Use it for a potluck dish this eve!


What’s Cookin’ for Sunday’s Potluck?

1 Oct

DSCN0290Do you know what you’re making for the harvest potluck?  Sunday’s party is quickly approaching. If you’d like to incorporate some super-local flavor into your dish, there’s garlic, basil, lemon balm and other herbs available in the garden. Feel free to post your planned dish in the comments.

Need inspiration?  Popular past dishes: pasta, herb-infused olive oil for dipping, mint-flavored drinks, and salsa. Not sure if you can cook, but want to make a contribution? Consider bringing a staple such as French baguettes, fruit salad, tortilla chips or crudité. Or a drink. Wine counts as fruit!

What it Take To Keep The Garden Going The harvest party marks the season’s end but also the beginning of our next one. Thanks in advance for helping the garden budget grow with your donations. We need soil, seeds and a drink-safe hose, among other things. Cash donations or checks payable to CVOI may be brought to the event or left to the attention of Donna Chaiet (230 Jay St). Checks can also be submitted to the office. Thank you.

You’re Invited to the Harvest Potluck, Sunday 10.6 at 5pm

23 Sep

All CV residents are invited to celebrate the children’s garden. Bring a dish or drink, preferably including or inspired by this season’s produce, to the community room to share. Participants can use garlic or herbs from the fence pockets. RSVP–with your culinary contribution plan, if possible–to cvearthlab@gmail.com no later than Thursday, October 3rd.4 cucumbers in augustWhat did you like this season? And what should we grow next year? Results of the favorite produce of the year poll will be announced at the party; cast your vote for arugula, tomatoes, basil or other bounty here. Feedback will inform the 2014 crop planning.

Want to help the garden grow? Cash donations may be brought to the event or left to the attention of Donna Chaiet (230 Jay St). Checks made out to CVOI can be submitted to the office. Thank you in advance for your support.

To see photos and recipes from previous potlucks, click here. Find out more about getting involved in the garden and the budget plans here.


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