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Tomato Season Has Started!

5 Jul
We’ve got baby sweet million tomatoes! Unfortunately, we also have tomato plant problems involving yellow leaves. Read on to help us diagnose the issues so we can treat it ASAP. Thank you!
Yellowing leaves could be the result of over or underwatering, a nutritent deficiency or disease or other causes.


Sat July 9th: Crazy Growth Report!

9 Jul

I hadn’t been outside in a few days, so today I was amazed by how fast things are growing: Almost all of the tomatoes need staking/pruning/ support.

There’s also sprawl from the ground cherries that I tried to reign in…The cucumbers are ready to climb so I pulled down some of the snap peas… I suppose I will snip off the scapes this weekend and plan a garlic harvest.  Who wants some?


Have you watered lately?  Its hot and those tomato plants are thirsty, click here to volunteer to water on a specific day.  See you outside!!!  -Denise



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