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Planting Sunday 4.17 at 1:30pm

16 Apr

We’re going to plant seed potatoes, lettuces and other edibles Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm. All are welcome, but the specific planting agenda is still TBD.
Many who attended our sub-irrigated planter workshop have asked about the timeframe for transplanting. It’s too early to do most of the plants and flowers just yet…But we’re working on scheduling some future planting dates in early May. If you have questions about your actual plant send a photo or email to cvearthlab@gmail.com. If you are concerned because you are going away for spring break and need a plant caregiver, post a comment. There are likely other gardeners in your building who may be able to host your planter. Thanks!


Coleus Plants Are In the Ground

25 May



I transplanted the 12 coleus plants that Deb bought today, basically creating the same border as last year.  All but one of the plants look healthy and strong; we may want to buy another two or four…

And while I was out there, I harvested and ate a great salad!  -Denise


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