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Sprout Spotted!

29 Feb


Look at my little Santiam tomato sprout! Hooray!

Anyone else seeing anything? In fairness, I am using grow lights, so my seedlings have an advantage… –Denise

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Reminder: Seed Starting Event Wed

21 Feb
If you’re planning to join CVEarthlab in the community room Wed eve, you’ll need empty soda/water/gatorade bottles (1.5 to 2 liter work best) as well as potting soil. Organic potting soil is preferred for anything edible you may transplant into CV’s raised beds.
We’ll supply organic, no2-Liter-SIP-3.9-300-dpi-dkong-260x195n-GMO seeds plus wicking and labeling material. Wednesday’s event takes place in the community room from 6:30 to8pm. RSVP to cvearthlab@gmail.com by Monday 2/22.
Learn more about planting in self-watering containers here. Thanks!
All CV residents are welcome to become members of the 2016 communal garden. We ask that members donate $25 per household plus contribute time and muscle watering and maintaining the space this season. Checks can be made to CVOI* and left in the office or picked up from your doorman. Contact cvearthlab@gmail.com or come to the event to learn more.
Why join? The season lasts from March to October, even November, and you’ll enjoy the friendly, community spirit plus fresh flowers, herbs and veggies from late spring to late autumn. Last year we were picking basil, parsley, sage and ground cherries, kale and bush beans well after Halloween! 2016 is going to be a great year for the garden–join us!
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