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Impromptu Gardening!

13 Mar

The kids helped prep the bed for sugar snap pea planting, and checked on the resident worms.


Presenting…Live from Brooklyn, the CVEarthlab Salad Bar!

6 Mar

Placement and contents are both temporary. Looks like we may need to purchase more container soil or create our own mix. –Denise

Build It Green Donates Reclaimed Wood for New Raised Beds

23 Mar

Thanks to Ellis and the company he works for, Build It Green! NYC, we have lumber for building more raised beds. builditgreen.com After Ansley followed up and applied for their educational support programs, we rented an SUV from Zipcar.

Then drove out to Astoria, filled it up with free custom cut boards, and hauled it back to the play area. Get ready for more raised beds–and more room to grow! –Denise

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