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What To Pick and Eat Now

30 Jun

Bee balm, aka Monarda, sprouts an edible flower.

Borage, with its small blue glow, also has petals you can eat.


Borage flowers

Hot weather means the sweet pea season will be over soon — grab one now!

Alpine strawberries are small but sweet. Spearmint and peppermint, in pots around the garden, are almost always available.

Coming soon: Patty pan squash, tomatoes, ground cherries, cucumbers and more!

Related: The watering schedule is available.  Go to the signup to volunteer for a specific date.



Pea Planting March 26th

26 Mar

Warner and Benji helped Ansley, Denise, Sandy, Mike & Deb plant sugar snap peas and snow peas and pea shoots Saturday. These cold weather crops mature nice and early; with luck the harvest will be ready in June! We also hung the apple-shaped bird house, in case any mama birds need somewhere to nest.





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