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Flower Planting!

30 Apr

Jamie waters the salvia and African marigolds that his sister planted. Join us in the garden Saturday (May 1) 11 to 11:30am for more flower fun!


The Summer Watering Schedule Is Live!

24 Jun

Sign up to water the garden, please!

It’s easy, relaxing, and kid-friendly.

The online schedule has been updated and you can sign up now : Choose as many days as you can; the schedule gives some instructions; generally, just know that it’s better to water early or later in the day (not mid-day), just because more water will soak in.

It’s a great way to help out, and an easy commitment . . . and we have some open slots this week, so if you’re around, please help!


Summer Watering Schedule Is Live

28 May

Sign up here to help the thirsty plants! Is it your turn to water?

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