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Want to Help Put the Garden to Bed for the Winter?

31 Oct

Hostas and asters are still flowering but alas, cold weather is here and its time to winterize the garden.

Join us for small work sessions: Sun Nov 1st from 10am until 130pm; Tues Nov 3rd in the afternoon as well as Sat Nov 7th and Sun Nov 8th. RSVP to cvearthlab@gmail.com, esp if you are bringing youngsters, so we can arrange child-friendly tasks.

And don’t forget to VOTE!

Thx, –Denise


Is that a garlic plant I spy?

16 Dec


If you look very closely at the bottom of these pictures, you can see green sprouts popping out of the ground.  Is the garlic growing already?  According to the garlic growing calendar, this doesn’t typically happen until January, but I guess that isn’t too far away..

Can’t wait to get into the play area and get a closer look!    -Denise

Garlic plants spotted Sunday December 16, 2012.

Garlic plants spotted Sunday December 16, 2012.

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