Flowers to Transplant, Hardware Cloth to Staple

8 May

Thanks to Claire and Amy for starting this bed for cutting flowers — and an annotated image! Newly planted seeds aren’t marked on actual bed yet –we may make some markers tonight.

Also to-do: Staple hardware cloth into the bottom of bed #8; try to eliminate sharp edges; transplant some annual flowers into window boxes.



Chill Protection, Hardware Cloth Progress

28 Apr

G and I covered the flowers in row cover and tucked them away from the wind, inside the beds… We cut and installed landscape fabric w (1/2 inch opening) into bed #9, adding 3 bags of soil.

The tighter weave on the 1/4 inch hardware cloth is much harder to maneuver, but we managed to fit it inside the standing bed and are weighing it down to see how much it needs to be trimmed. See pics below.

Now that we have a working tool (thanks Tom!!!) we can move forward…. We need to buy a little more of the 1/2 inch galvanized steel hardware cloth for the other 3-4 beds.

Working to do list is here, but with so much rain in the forecast it might be a day or two before we can do much work in the garden. -DM


Save the Date: Garden Party 10/8, 4:30pm

30 Sep

Late July Flowers and Fruit

6 Aug

Blossoms & Fruits: Weekend Highlights, End of June 2022

26 Jun
Lavender flower
Grape tomato
Swamp milkweed
Cucumber flower
New plantings in play area shade garden

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Sugar Snap Peas!

15 Jun

Check out the Pretty Portaluca!

11 May

Tiger Laeta Viola Seeds Belong on the Shopping List

8 Jan

These edible flowers look gorgeous!

Learn (and see) more here


2:30-3pm Friday, 9/10: Big Butterfly Release!

9 Sep

We plan to tag and release 13 Monarch butterflies from the garden tomorrow. All are welcome to watch — and we’d love help taking photos and video!  See pics from a previous release here.



16 Apr

Do you know this kitty?

I’ve seen this young cat around CV over the past few weeks, and yesterday I found her in the garden.  She’s injured — her right eye is damaged — and is not afraid of people.

If you know of any CVers who are trying to rescue her, pls put me in touch.  I don’t have email addresses for the phone numbers of the animal lovers I usually see regularly while gardening, but want to let them know she’s hanging out in the (locked) play area.

I’m guessing she was abandoned and hasn’t been outside on her own for too long.  Thanks.  -Denise


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