Home Care For Planters; Upcoming Garden Events

10 Mar


Thanks to all who came to the gardening workshop this week!  If you started seeds in a sub-irrigated planter this week or got a basil start last month, here’s some information about care.

1. Keep planter in full sun or a sunny window.

2. Add water to bottom cup every 2-3 days. It is OK to spritz soil from the top, but “watering” should be done via the reservoir in the bottom of the planter.

3. In mid to late April, we’ll have the opportunity to move basil plants and herbs from our window sills into the garden. We will also direct sow some plants — by putting seeds directly into the raised beds around the same time.

4. Tomatoes, peppers and some flowers won’t be ready for transplant until mid to late May. (If your plant grows very big and tall for its planter, you may need to add organic potting soil, and possibly move it into a bigger pot. )

5.  About a week before transplanting, you’ll want to harden off your plants by bringing them outside to exposing them to an increasing longer period of warm sunshine each day.

Please make a note:  We’re planning a kid-friendly garden workday for either Sat April 28 or Sun April 29. Around mid-day, we’ll do some planting and transplanting, assemble a new raised bed, move soil and more!


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