It’s Time to Sign Up for Garden Care Duty!

10 May

We need volunteers to take a regular morning or evening shift. You’re committing to the shift on a weekly basis, such as Friday evenings or Tuesday mornings, through June 30th.

Read on for more details.

Sign Up for May/June Garden Duties!

We’re looking for individuals and families to sign up for weekly spots mid-May through June 30th.

Ideally, each volunteer will take a regular morning or evening 1-2 times per week, such as Tuesday mornings.  (It is fine to swap/ask others to cover your time, but by signing up for a slot you are commit to arrange for a trained volunteer to execute garden duties on that shift through the end of June.)

Here is the schedule. To volunteer, write your name and cellphone number (for text group) next to the shift.

Here is the description of morning and evening tasks.  We will post a laminated checklist in the garden. 

Watering Tasks Take Place in the Morning

Important: All watering will be done in the mornings only, as watering later in the day leads to humid conditions that increase risk of fungus and other problems we experienced last year. If your child(ren) want to water, please sign up for a morning slot. (If they’re all filled, send a request to with your preferred mornings. There are other weekly tasks you can take on, but these do not include watering the plants. More opportunities will be available when we schedule July and August shifts.)

CVEarthlab is an organic garden that manages pests and disease via swift intervention rather than pesticides. Communication and fast action is key for upkeep. Urgent feedback (about rodent digging or broken irrigation hoses) should be shared with the volunteer group via WhatsApp, a group texting app, ASAP.  Ideally, you will send a photo of the urgent problem when you report this way. (We will share information on how to use the simple app, including how to turn off notifications.)

Routine, non-urgent feedback can be shared via this virtual garden diary.

Thank you!


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